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Passport to Love: Travel Themed Wedding Invitations for Couples Getting Married Abroad

Destination Weddings - Soaring High for 2020 It seems that destination weddings are still as popular as ever in 2020. The number of travel themed wedding invitations we have created for couples getting married abroad is continuously on the up. An increasing number of couples are choosing to jet off to far away shores for [...]

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How To Choose Your Wedding Suppliers – 8 Things To Look Out For

'How to choose your wedding suppliers'. The question that every couple types into Google at the beginning of their wedding planning. It's a daunting question. Watch while 44 million results pop up on your screen. Your wedding is a big day and one you want to remember forever for the right reasons. And you want [...]

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A Romantic Proposal with a Difference

Romance. What does it even mean? Romance is a concept that, for me, has evolved with age and life experience. The Oxford Dictionary defines romance as 'a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love'. Well this is all very well if you are in the first few months of a brand new relationship. Or [...]

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Destination weddings and stationery trends for 2019

Today’s blog is all about destination weddings and stationery trends for 2019. We always have to keep an eye out on what’s popular in the world of weddings. Though sometimes it’s difficult to design stationery that fits, this year we are jumping for joy! Why we love 2019 weddings so far Pantone’s Colour of the [...]

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Losing weight for a wedding without losing your sanity

One of the topics that rules the wedding forums is that of losing weight for a wedding. It's one of the most talked about subjects. It's even more popular than mother-in-law moans and the inevitable guest list angst. We all want to look our best, especially for the biggest day of our lives. All eyes [...]

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How Kindness Can Beat The Stress of Wedding Planning – and Running a Business.

Today's blog post is about a topic that is important to me, both in my personal life and as a business woman. I hope it will help brides and grooms who are struggling with the emotional pressures of wedding planning in today's demanding society. I also hope it will help other small business owners who [...]

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How to incorporate Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 into your wedding day

Pantone Colour of the Year 2018...But I don't like it!! You've been planning your wedding day for the past few months. You have envisaged the whole scene and obtained every colour swatch under the sun. Shades of pastel loveliness, a light and bright Spring and Summer palette, just perfect for your beautiful, vintage July ceremony. [...]

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Grow Your Own Spring Wedding Favours in 5 Steps

They say gardening is good for the soul. And that I can vouch for. Over the last 10 months spent transforming the garden of our new house, I have earned the nickname Charlie Dimmock. It is well warranted too. I've dug up trees taller than me, been attacked by bushes I have hacked away at [...]

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A Celebration of Love

Today's blog post is a very personal one but something that I wanted to share for a number of reasons. Firstly, because of love. My work is centred around love after all. I sit at my desk every day and create special things for people celebrating their love for each other. Items that mean something [...]

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Planning a Wedding and How To Choose Trusted Wedding Suppliers

Planning a wedding is often quite a daunting and challenging task to even the most organised of us. You've saved up every last penny you can to pay for the day. You've sacrificed meals out, enforced strict budgets on birthday presents and said no to holidays for the past 5 years. You may even be [...]

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