Gift Ideas for New Mums – New Mama Range

So our second YouTube video is now live on our new YouTube channel and it's all about gift ideas for new mums! So I just finished working on some brand new products aimed at all new mums out there - our New Mama range! This video will show you the two products in the range [...]

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YouTube Vlog for wedding and event planning – coming soon!

Vintage Twee is setting up a YouTube Vlog for wedding and event planning in the next few weeks! Why a Video Blog? I love to write. In fact, I still write all of my blogs in my notepad before I type them up. However, we live in a world now where not everyone has the time [...]

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How To Choose Your Wedding Suppliers – 8 Things To Look Out For

'How to choose your wedding suppliers'. The question that every couple types into Google at the beginning of their wedding planning. It's a daunting question. Watch while 44 million results pop up on your screen. Your wedding is a big day and one you want to remember forever for the right reasons. And you want [...]

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Destination weddings and stationery trends for 2019

Today’s blog is all about destination weddings and stationery trends for 2019. We always have to keep an eye out on what’s popular in the world of weddings. Though sometimes it’s difficult to design stationery that fits, this year we are jumping for joy! Why we love 2019 weddings so far Pantone’s Colour of the [...]

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New Year’s Eve…To Party or not To Party?

What are we doing for New Year’s Eve? It's November. Halloween is over, Christmas is descending upon us and with it, December 31st looms. Everyone awaits the dreaded anticipated annual question of ‘So...what are we doing for New Year's Eve?’ Image courtesy of Personally, I’ve never been a fan of New Year's [...]

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All I Want For Christmas is a Mud Kitchen

Christmas is approaching. I’m sorry – but it is. Everyone starts to go into panic mode as annoying radio hosts announce every sodding day how many ‘sleeps’ it is until Christmas Eve. Thoughts turn to the three p’s: preparation, parties and presents. Today’s blog will take care of at least one of those big p’s [...]

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5 Steps to Hosting an Alternative Baby Shower

Oh no. Not another baby shower. When I first started Vintage Twee over 8 and half years ago, I was introduced to the concept of a baby shower. It was all about the storks, the pink and blue balloons and sickly sweet cupcakes. You were frowned upon if you didn’t stroke the mum to be’s [...]

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Navigating The Stormy Seas of Customer Service – a guide for small creative businesses

We are all human. I have been running Vintage Twee now for over 8 and half years. And like a lot of my creative colleagues, I do it pretty much single handedly. I think I manage quite well most of time. Of course we’re all prone to the occasional meltdown on a Monday morning – [...]

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10 Tips to Host A Tropical Themed Party!

Tropic like it's hot Throwing a tropical themed party is all the rage at the moment. You can't go into a shop without seeing a pineapple, palm tree or a flamingo. And quite frankly, I LOVE it. What's not to love?? Bright colours, holiday vibes and thoughts of paradise..I, for one, am completely obsessed. I [...]

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Ten Ways To Avoid Being Ill Before Your Wedding

But you can't be ill before your wedding! Or any other major event come to think of it. You've been planning this day since the beginning of time. You cannot be ill before your wedding. Yet the stress of organising such an important day and, of course, the stress in general of every day life, [...]

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