‘How to choose your wedding suppliers’. The question that every couple types into Google at the beginning of their wedding planning. It’s a daunting question. Watch while 44 million results pop up on your screen. Your wedding is a big day and one you want to remember forever for the right reasons. And you want to make sure that the people you are trusting to help you pull it off are just as committed as you are. You may be the ones saying ‘I do’ but you also need your wedding suppliers to show the same commitment. At least for the duration of your wedding planning, perhaps not for life. That would just be a bit weird…

Review a review. Or two.

So how do you make sure you choose your wedding suppliers wisely? According to a recent survey by Bridebook, 62% of couples are using reviews as their main indicator of a reliable wedding supplier. This totally surpasses recommendations from friends and family. Online reviews are great. They can give you a good indicator as to whether or not a particular company is a good fit for you. Work ethic, personality, helpfulness, quality – you can learn a lot about a supplier from the people that have been there before you. I’m always encouraging customers to leave their kind words online for Vintage Twee as I know how important they are.

How to choose your wedding suppliers

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Help us with how to choose our wedding suppliers!

I have been creating wedding stationery for 9 years now. I can’t even fathom a guess as to how many weddings that is. A lot. During this time, I’ve learnt what is most important to couples when they choose their wedding suppliers. I’ve put together a list of the 8 most important things that Vintage Twee delivers to each and every couple that we work with. Be it your stationer, photographer, cake maker – they will apply across the board when you choose your wedding suppliers. We like to lead by example!

How to Choose Your Wedding Suppliers

8 important things to look out for – and what makes Vintage Twee stand above the crowd!

1. Feeling at ease

Whether it’s on the run up or on the day, you need to feel relaxed and assured. We are all about making people feel comfortable. Ok so we’re not taking your wedding photos. But you are trusting us to set the scene for your day, perhaps through your wedding invitations and table decorations. You need to feel comfortable enough to tell us that you can see what you want in your head, but that’s about it. Rest assured you can do this with us – it’s our job to fill in the blanks and put you at ease.

2. Getting personal

The whole experience of getting married is individual to each and every couple. You need to know you are getting a personalised experience from start to finish. Our couples are never numbers on a database. We love to know the names of your grandparents if we’re making a favour box for them! As everything by Vintage Twee is handmade, we can tailor your stationery to fit with your exact style. No request is too odd – trust us! We’ve made tags to hang on the horns of a buffalo skull centrepiece before now. No word of a lie.

3. Using Experience

Vintage Twee has nearly a decade of experience in the wedding industry. When you choose your wedding supplier, make sure they know what they are talking about. I’m all for supporting new suppliers – I was one once. As long as they take the time to convince you that they can fulfil your needs, then you’re good to go. I always try to offer new clients knowledge of what works from my experience and more importantly, what doesn’t.

4. Hand Holding

Who doesn’t like to feel safe and in control? Especially when it comes to planning one of the biggest days of your life. We pride ourselves on making sure you are guided through every step of your stationery journey. Things such as keeping you informed of the progress of your invitations, even if it is just an email to say everything is coming along fine. Reminding you of deadlines to submit your information to us by. Helping you choose the right wording to capture the tone of the day. Advising on colour schemes and offering alternatives if something isn’t available. It’s all these important little things that make our bride and grooms feel safe. Safe in the knowledge that everything is in hand and it’s one less thing off the wedding worry list.

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

5. Flexibility

This is so important when you come to choose your wedding suppliers! As a professional, I think there’s nothing more unprofessional than an unhelpful supplier. A bride came to me because her stationer, who created all of her wedding invitations, wouldn’t print her an extra one when she encountered an extra last minute guest. We have one important motto here in the VT studio: we will always help if we can. Be it last minute guests or changes to the already completed seating plan. A flexible supplier is a good supplier. We pride ourselves on bending over backwards for our clients.

6. Communication and no chasing up!

There’s nothing more frustrating than someone who doesn’t answer their emails. We live in a world where instant responses are now somewhat ‘expected’ and this is never more important than when planning your wedding day. Now, us wedding suppliers do have a life and most of us a business and/or a family so we do have to juggle our admin. However, it’s important to consider timely responses to questions and queries when you choose your wedding suppliers. Vintage Twee has a 24 hour response policy and we will virtually always respond within this timeframe. Unless of course it’s the weekend. But Monday to Friday, you will always get a reply within 24 hours. Test out some suppliers with an email or two enquiring about their services and see how they respond.

7. Attention to Detail

I am a notorious perfectionist. I think you have to be in order to survive in the wedding industry. Nothing leaves the studio without being checked numerous times for quality control. I would never send anything out to my customers that I wasn’t happy with. Attention to detail is important when you choose your wedding suppliers and this doesn’t just apply to your wedding stationery. Photographers, cake makers, even your toastmaster have to make sure they are on the ball when in comes to detail.

8. Efficient timing of service

When you place an order for anything, you want to know an idea of when you will receive it. And this applies to wedding related things too, especially your wedding stationery. We will always give you an estimated date that your items will be completed by and keep you updated along the way. Most of the time, you will have your invitations within 4 weeks of placing your order. Steer clear of suppliers who can’t offer you a timescale or clear idea of when you will get your mitts on your goods. I know I wouldn’t part with my money unless I had been told when I am due to receive what I’ve paid for. So I definitely wouldn’t expect any different from my customers. Look for efficiency and clarity when it comes to timing of services so you know what you’re getting – and when.

How to choose your wedding suppliers by Vintage Twee

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So there’s my round up of what to look out when you choose your wedding suppliers. All of the above applies to most suppliers in the industry and not just your wedding stationery. Take note of these important things and don’t settle for anything less!