Today’s blog is all about destination weddings and stationery trends for 2019. We always have to keep an eye out on what’s popular in the world of weddings. Though sometimes it’s difficult to design stationery that fits, this year we are jumping for joy!

Why we love 2019 weddings so far

  • Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019 is ‘Living Coral’ for a start. Possibly my new favourite colour on the planet.
  • Secondly, destination inspired wedding stationery is back (not that it ever went away). It’s our favourite wedding theme to work with and an excuse to create some beautiful new designs.
  • Thirdly, illustrated invitations are massive this year, as is the use of watercolour. Enter a perfectly timed, new creative partnership for 2019 with the talented NotoriousVillain Art. We have been working hard together over the last few months to create a brand new watercolour range of destination inspired wedding stationery. And it just so happens to encompass everything that is hot for 2019 in the wedding stationery world.

So read on to find out more about destination weddings and stationery trends for 2019!

Watercolour Travel Map Wedding Invitations - teal 4

Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019: ‘Living Coral’

Pantone’s Colour of the Year always inspires every aspect of current trends – from home furnishings and fashion, right through to product packaging, graphic design and of course – the wedding scene. And this year is no exception. Living Coral is beautiful shade of pink-orange, described by Pantone as ‘a coral hue with a golden undertone’. It’s energizing, lively and playful as well as warm, soft and nurturing.

Colours, soft corals and feather star

Image by: Derek Keats from Johannesburg, South Africa [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Living Coral lends itself perfectly to wedding stationery. It’s not technically pink so they groom will allow it. Plus, it’s perfect for Spring and Summer weddings, especially if you are planning on jetting off somewhere for a destination wedding. Which brings me onto the next wedding trend for 2019.

Destination Inspired Wedding Stationery

I was thrilled to hear that destination inspired wedding stationery was top of the list for this year. It had always been one of my favourite wedding themes to work. Last year, I creatively travelled all over the globe through the couples I designed stationery for.  Peru, Italy, America, The Maldives, South East Asia and France – then right back to my hometown of Derbyshire. And all in the space of the few months of the wedding season!

A lot of couples are choosing to say their vows somewhere other than where they live. Perhaps the proposal destination, their favourite holiday place or even where one of them is from originally. Destination weddings and stationery trends for 2019 go hand in hand this year more than ever. Think map and compass imagery, travel related text and bright, fresh colours.

And we are so happy to have designed a new beautiful travel themed wedding stationery range with the very talented David from NotoriousVillain Art. Who also happens to be my partner in creativity crime – and life. Our new Watercolour Travel Map range is all of the above and more. With of course Vintage Twee’s renown rustic touch!

Destinatin weddings and stationery trends for 2019

Vintage Twee’s new Watercolour Travel Wedding Stationery Range

Illustrated Invitations

Hand painted drawings and the personal touches that they bring are big for wedding invitations this year. There’s a beauty in seeing an image that someone has created with their very own hands. That’s why art galleries exist. In a world so focused on computer led technology, we have forgotten the art of, well – art.

custom art, landscapes, acrylic

David from NotoriousVillain Art

We all can’t be good at absolutely everything. I may be creative but I can’t paint. However, I really wanted to design something for 2019 that gave Vintage Twee a fresh new feel to embrace the new year. David has been rediscovering his love for art and painting since we first met in 2014. He specialises in landscapes mainly but can tun his hand to pretty much anything.


After a couple of glasses of wine in our local bar one afternoon (no judgement please), we wondered why we had never thought of working together. 2 hours later my notepad was full of ideas, including destination weddings and stationery trends for 2019. And another 2 hours later, David had painted me a beautiful map that now features throughout our Watercolour Travel Map Wedding Stationery range.

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation

Watercolour Stationery

Watercolour wedding stationery is top of the list this year. It’s fresh, soft, modern and pretty. Everything you want your wedding stationery to be – after all it sets the tone for your big day. We combined destination weddings and stationery trends for 2019 to create our new Watercolour range. All of the items in the stationery range feature a print of David’s original watercolour map, available in coral pink or teal and finished with a wooden aeroplane embellishment. It is created from a high quality, white linen textured cardstock. The range includes:

Destination Weddings and stationery trends for 2019

Save the Date cards

  • Wedding Invitations – presented in a bundle, tied together with rustic twine. Includes your main invitation, information card and a unique RSVP card with compass detail. Also includes a kraft mailing and kraft RSVP envelope
Watercolour Travel Map Wedding Invitations

Watercolour Travel Wedding Invitations

Watercolour Travel Map Wedding Invitation

Watercolour Travel Wedding Invitation

  • Place Cards – printed with your guest names and provided with rustic twine for tying onto napkins or cutlery, for example
Watercolour Travel Map Wedding Place Cards

Watercolour Travel Place Cards

  • Table Names – featuring map and compass detail and available free standing or made to go into table name holders
Watercolour Travel Map Wedding Table Names

Watercolour Travel Table Name

Individual Watercolour Travel Map Wedding Menu Cards

Watercolour Travel Menu

  • Gifts – ‘Our Peak Moments Watercolour Mountain Print’ is a perfect wedding gift. It features a print taken from an original watercolour mountain painting by NotoriousVillain Art. We personalise this with 5 ‘peak moments’ of the couple’s life together so far, as well as their names and date they met. Available in coral pink, teal or purple.
Our Peak Moments Personalised Watercolour Mountain Print

Our Peak Moments Personalised Watercolour Print

In conclusion…

So there you have the run down on destination weddings and stationery trends for 2019! If you are planning a destination wedding this year, love watercolour and looking for unique wedding stationery – then it’s your year.

Please do get in touch if you have any enquiries about our new Watercolour Travel Map range or any bespoke illustrated designs for your wedding stationery!