Christmas is approaching. I’m sorry – but it is. Everyone starts to go into panic mode as annoying radio hosts announce every sodding day how many ‘sleeps’ it is until Christmas Eve. Thoughts turn to the three p’s: preparation, parties and presents. Today’s blog will take care of at least one of those big p’s for you: presents. More specifically: a mud kitchen.

What is a Mud Kitchen?

I’m sure you have heard of a mud kitchen. If you haven’t then you will know what one is by the end of this blog. A mud kitchen is essentially a garden toy. It is an outdoor pretend play area that looks just like a cooking station. It can have worktops, shelves, hobs and even an oven. Children can enjoy imaginative play and embrace being outdoors with the creative possibilities they provide.

There are a few big high street stores that are selling mud kitchens based on the theory of ‘stock them high and sell them cheap’. However, they are totally missing the point. A mud kitchen is a fantastic way to develop children’s learning through active play. It should be viewed as an educational investment. One that provides endless experiences that are so important to your child’s physical and mental development. Enter the experts in the field and my new besties: Mud Mud Baby.

Mud Kitchen

Image by Mud Mud Baby

Mud Mud Baby

My mum used to say to me that I would always meet someone when I wasn’t looking. And she was right. In fact, I met my partner Dave whilst shopping in a well known retail store. (think blue, yellow and meatballs..). And this summer, I met a new friend and colleague in our local park whilst out with my niece and nephew. It would actually make a great film. A story of the meeting of two like-minded business women with more than just 4 year olds in common that day. The super lovely Cat is half of mud kitchen company Mud Mud Baby. Her talented husband Lawrence is the other half and together they created this fantastic business.

About Mud Mud Baby

For a start, it’s the coolest name ever. Every time I say it (or sing it..) I have Vanilla Ice dancing around in my head. Cat and Lawrence are a husband and wife team, based in the Peak District, who create beautiful, bespoke mud kitchens. They have two adorable sons – Jack who is 4 years old and Freddy who has just turned 1.

The idea came about when Freddy was born. It was winter time and it became increasingly hard for Cat and Lawrence to get out and about with Jack as much as they wanted to. Jack loves being outdoors and they didn’t want him to miss out on any experiences. So Lawrence made him a mud kitchen. One of their friends loved it so much, he made one for them. And so Mud Mud Baby was born.

Mud Kitchen

Image by Mud Mud Baby

What makes Mud Mud Baby special?

Each mud kitchen is handcrafted to order.

You can choose from 4 different, affordable designs and sizes featured on their website including: Ladybird, Bumblebee, Caterpillar and Butterfly. The kitchen can be designed to suit your child’s interests. Got 2 kids? You can have two mixing stations. And if they don’t like cooking? Then make it a science laboratory! This is the beauty of custom made. And the different sizes available also mean you don’t need a big garden to fit their mud kitchen in. The Ladybird could even fit on a balcony if you live in an apartment!
Mud Kitchen

They are eco friendly.

Cat and Lawrence only use reclaimed, solid wood to handcraft their mud kitchens. In fact, their very first mud kitchen was created from the timber floor of a couple’s wedding! They also limit their use of plastic and wrap all their kitchens in hessian to be delivered to their new owners –amazing! They also provide utensils crafted from bamboo – a renewable and environmentally friendly resource.

They are durable and sustainable.

Unlike a lot of the mud kitchens on the market which are made from pallet wood, the reclaimed wood of Mud Mud Baby’s kitchens makes them long lasting. And trust me, if they can survive The Beast from the East AND winters in the Peak District, they are built to last.

All of them have a chalkboard!

Every Mud Mud Baby mud kitchen comes with a chalkboard on the back. Children can write their recipes and draw pictures on their board with the rainbow chalk also provided.

They believe in making a mess.

I love this. I’m a tidy person as a rule but when I’m creating in my studio…my god it’s not a pretty sight. And it’s the only way I can come up with new, creative ideas. Mud Mud Baby also believe that children should be allowed to be children. Cat trained as an Early Years Professional and has in depth knowledge and experience of children’s development. They should be able to reach their full potential and explore the creative possibilities of play without worrying about getting dirty.
Mud Kitchen

Delivery is included!

The price you see on the website is including the cost for Mainland UK delivery. Straight to your front door. Or back garden.

Why they are an excellent idea for a Christmas present

It’s all about imagination.

A mud kitchen can be anything. A kitchen, shop, café, laboratory – the possibilities are endless! Your child doesn’t have to love the Great British Bake Off. A mad scientist at work is just as fun to play!

Mud Kitchen

Image by Mud Mud Baby

Let your children connect to nature.

In a world where technology rules and children know how to swipe and skip, there has been a real movement towards outdoor play. Spending time with their mud kitchen will enable them to appreciate the environment and feel the social, emotional, physical and mental benefits of just being outside.

Sensory play.

Mud kitchens support a whole host of developmental skills. Including language, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills.

Mud play.

Even I LOVE getting my hands dirty. It’s why I love gardening so much. There’s something about just sticking your hands into the mud that literally grounds you. Mud play allows children to create freely without worrying about making mistakes. Therefore it is excellent for building self confidence. Plus it has immune boosting benefits from playing in that natural dirt!

Mud Kitchen

Image by Mud Mud Baby

Mud Kitchen

Where can you get a fabulous Mud Mud Baby mud kitchen?

Mud Mud Baby have a wonderful website where you can browse their collection of amazing mud kitchens. The ordering process is simple too!

–          Browse the website and select the mud kitchen you like

–          Customise your kitchen by selecting your design options

–          Pay for your mud kitchen securely via Paypal or your credit/debit card..

–          Mud Mud Baby will contact you to confirm your design.

–          Your mud kitchen will be handcrafted for you within 3 weeks.

–          It will be delivered to your door, wrapped in hessian and ready for your child to receive 😊

You can also drop Cat or Lawrence an email by sending your enquiry to You can also follow them on Instagram to keep up to speed with their latest news! @mudmudbaby

So there you have it. Whether you have a large garden, balcony or shared yard, your little ones can always enjoy the magic and excitement of outdoor play in the safety of your own surroundings. A mud kitchen by Mud Mud Baby would make an ideal Christmas gift that will create memories for years to come. xxx

Mud Kitchen

Image by Mud Mud Baby