And so it’s finally here…Vintage Twee has launched our very own wedding and event planning vlog! And just in time for the celebration of our 10th year in business on 8th March 2020! What better way to acknowledge this milestone of an occasion than to bring something new and exciting to the table!

The First Installment

We have just finished filming the first installment to our Youtube channel. It took a little longer than we thought but this was mainly due to the nature of the video. Although we will be all about wedding and event planning, we thought the first video should naturally be an introduction to who we are and what we do. The YouTube equivalent of an ‘About Us’ page if you like. As much as I aimed to be a household name after 10 years (got to dream big!), unfortunately the world – and the internet – is a big place and we aren’t quite there!!! So our first video is a short intro to Vintage Twee, featuring some (hopefully) interesting content about what I do all day long and who I do it for.

What you can expect from the vlog

As mentioned, ultimately our vlog is going to be all about wedding and event planning. Our following upcoming videos will be much more focused on the things that people have asked to see. This includes help and advice with wedding preparation and planning, ideas for wedding themes and colours and how to incorporate them into your decor for the day. I’ll also be revealing some industry tips and tricks to save you money, in addition to featuring how to videos so you can learn how to make your own wedding stationery.

And it won’t just all be about weddings! I’ll be covering all kinds of special occasions such as hen parties, baby showers and birthday celebrations. From ideas for your hen do to creative gifts for newly weds and new parents. The possibilities are endless. I plan to let the viewers lead the way on the content by reading your comments about what you would like to see next.

All of our vlogs will be published here and replacing our written blogs. I know, I know. But today’s fast moving society breeds speed, ease and information at the click of a ‘Play’ button. But I will still be writing a brief introduction to each vlog piece here so you can skim over at a glance and see if it’s of interest to you!

Are you ready?

So here we go….click on the video below to watch our very first YouTube video! And in true YouTuber style – if you like it – please subscribe to our channel! If you click the bell icon, then you will also be alerted every time we upload a new video – hurrah! Once you’ve clicked on the video, there’s a comment section below to leave your feedback and ideas of what you would like to see us cover. Just please be kind haha!

A massive thank you to my cameraman/editor/husband Dave for helping me do this. This video is the result of his amazingly clever technical skills and unlimited patience while I changed outfits 5x and complained about my hair. I love you xxx

We hope you enjoy watching it!