What are we doing for New Year’s Eve?

It’s November. Halloween is over, Christmas is descending upon us and with it, December 31st looms. Everyone awaits the dreaded anticipated annual question of ‘So…what are we doing for New Year’s Eve?’

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s Eve. I love New Year’s Day. The renewed hope and the fresh optimism that it brings. The chance to embrace new opportunities and the idea that THIS could be THE year that everything just falls into place. New Year’s Eve however always seems tainted by sadness for me. And it doesn’t matter if I’ve had an amazing year or a devastating one. As much as I love new beginnings, I’m not a fan of endings. To me, New Year’s Eve always represents the closing of a door. Leaving a year behind that has more than likely been filled with the many ups and downs that life inevitably brings. And it’s those events from that year – both good and bad – that shape you. So saying goodbye to them isn’t necessarily easy for me.

Change your perspective.

I’ve learned a lot in the past couple of years about myself. I like to think I’m a kind person and do what I can for anyone I want. But my partner, and many others, often tell me I can do too much without thinking of my own happiness. So this year I decided to make a change. And what better way to start than on New Year’s Eve? A night that I typically dread. I either end up going to bed early or I spend the whole time obsessing about what’s been lost in this year and the uncertainty of what’s to come in the next.

The last couple of years, New Year’s Eve has been written off due to the passing of my mum. In all honesty, it’s difficult to want to celebrate anything still. However, mum always loved a good party and was never one to wallow in anything. This year I have met some amazing new people who have been a wonderful support to me and Vintage Twee and I decided what better way than to celebrate it with them!

New Year's Eve Party

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Do what makes you happy.

MeThis is something that most of us think we know but actually never admit it. What does make you happy? For me, I love being with the people I feel most comfortable. I love my food and I love dancing to music that most people won’t admit to. I’m not cool and my wardrobe isn’t designer. I’m no good in large crowds or noisy and pretentious places. I enjoy gardening and cooking for my man. I sometimes think I’m an old soul, born in the wrong era. I like to think at 35 years old though, I’m confident enough to say what I like and who I like to enjoy it with.  So why treat New Year’s Eve any different?


Spend it with who you want to spend it with.

And don’t overthink this one. At the end of the day, New Year’s Eve is just another night. If you decide to celebrate it, then do it with the people you want to. Those that make you smile, that you can laugh freely with and be yourself. No judgment. If you wouldn’t spend time with them generally, then why should New Year’s Eve be any different??

I decided to host a 1940’s themed New Year’s Eve party with one of my new friends and colleagues – Yuri – who owns Telve Café and Bistro in my home town of Hazel Grove, Stockport. Our family and friends will be there, as well as Yuri’s customers and anyone of like mind who wants a good old fashioned knees up. It’s open to families so children can be included. So many New Year’s Eve parties aren’t family friendly and exclude children from joining in. We want families to be together on New Year’s Eve so they can create those memories together and have something to remember. It will be a relaxed, fun evening where people can dress up if they want to and just enjoy being with the people they love.


Think of yourself as well as others.

It may be that you don’t want to do anything on New Year’s Eve. Then so be it! Grab a take away, watch a film and go to bed at 11pm before the fireworks. Wake up the next day to a new year. I’ve learnt that people can sometimes forget that this is not always an easy time of year for everyone. You just have to think what makes you happy and comfortable and do it. You are more important than you think.

New Year's Eve Party

Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

And remember, it’s just another day.

Because it really is. Nothing changes. Ok, you have to get a new calendar. And remember to write the correct year from now on. But the sun still rises and sets, people are still in your life or absent and you are no different to who you were yesterday. I think the ultimate trick is not to think too far ahead. Don’t try and predict what the New Year will bring. My sister sent me an inspirational poem just the other day called The Dash by Linda Ellis. Have a read of it here, it’s all about how you spend that little dash between the date you were born and the date we die. Whatever you do for this New Year’s Eve and the next…and the next…make it count in a way that makes you happy.

And for anyone that’s interested, details of our New Year’s Eve event can be found here!

New Year's Eve Vintage Party