Destination Weddings – Soaring High for 2020

It seems that destination weddings are still as popular as ever in 2020. The number of travel themed wedding invitations we have created for couples getting married abroad is continuously on the up. An increasing number of couples are choosing to jet off to far away shores for a smaller, more intimate wedding ceremony with just their nearest and dearest in tow. Their reasons may be one of many – saying ‘I do’ at their favourite holiday destination, place they met or country of family heritage. The guest list may be a lot smaller but weddings abroad are certainly bigger than ever.

Why get married abroad?

There are so many advantages to having a smaller ceremony abroad, better weather being the obvious one!

  • They are more personal – smaller guest list means you can be surrounded by the people who matter the most to you on your big day. Rather than arguing over having to invite your 3rd cousin’s next door neighbour. Who you really don’t give two hoots about.
  • You can spend money on what you want – rather than what you think other people want. As you won’t need as much of everything, you can be selective and focus on quality, rather than quantity.
  • They are not as scary, overwhelming or stressful – smaller weddings usually come with smaller expectations
  • They are generally more relaxed and enjoyable
  • You have more time to plan the smaller details (in theory), such as travel themed wedding invitations and other on the day wedding stationery.

Travel Beach Themed Passport Wedding Invitations

How and who do you invite to a ceremony abroad?

  • prioritise close family and friends – stating the obvious here but I’m sure but they are the ones who will want to get a seat on the flight first.
  • Let people know that if they can’t make it, it’s ok. It can be an expensive affair and will cost guests more than just a new outfit.
  • Invite them in style! Every destination wedding needs travel themed wedding invitations of course! Our new Travel BeachThemed Passport Wedding Invitations are the perfect way to set the scene, build up the anticipation and rejoice in the fact you are jetting off to say ‘I do’ somewhere exotic!

What do you include on travel themed wedding invitations for a ceremony abroad?

You just need the same as any other invitation really except with a creative twist! Travel themed wording and images will enhance the exciting fact you are getting married abroad. We have featured palm trees, aeroplanes and a starfish on ours! We also like to add a little something different to our invitations, such as this cute wooden suitcase embellishment for a truly vintage vibe. Don’t forget the most important details:

  • ‘passenger’ name – your guests of course!
  • Your names – centre stage so they can’t be missed
  • Date, time and location of the weddingTravel Beach Themed Passport Wedding Invitations

What about the RSVP?

  • We like quirky – we have featured fun wording on our RSVP cards so guests don’t feel bad if funds don’t allow them to come along for the ride (or flight). They are also perforated so they can tear off for ease and return in the envelope provided.
  • don’t forget to include your address so they know where to send it back to and the date you need them back by – chances are it will be earlier than a standard wedding in this country as you need to arrange flights, hotel etcTravel Beach Themed Passport Wedding Invitations

What about all the other information??

Of course it’s likely that there’s too many details to fit on a single information card! It’s still good to include one though and you could include details of the day’s itinerary. You can also utilize it to point them in the direction of where to find further info, such as a wedding website. Take a look at these wedding websites, voted the best by The Knot

Our brand new Travel Beach Themed Passport Wedding Invitations also feature the option to leave the inside cover blank or add your own photo for an extra personal touch! We provide vintage style photo corners so you can adhere your own favourite picture to the cover. Thank you to the lovely Steph and Tom (one of our recent newly weds) for allowing us to feature their fabulous engagement photo on this new product!

Travel themed Wedding Invitations

Travel Beach Themed Passport Wedding Invitations

Steph and Tom (and their brilliant dog!)

How far in advance should I order my travel themed wedding invitations for a ceremony abroad?

The advice I give to all my brides is work backwards. Start with the date of your wedding. Let’s say it’s 1st August.

  • 1. Find out when you need to have your numbers confirmed by e.g 1st June
  • 2. Give guests at least 3 months notice to decide if they can come so count 3 months back from this date e.g. 1st April for sending invitations out
  • 3. Allow at least 6 weeks for your chosen stationer to create and send your order (some differ and always worth checking but we like to say between 4-6 weeks, especially during busy periods). Count back 6 weeks = order around the middle February
  • 4. Start browsing and deciding on invitations Jan/Feb!

In conclusion…

  • a wedding abroad can be the perfect choice for some couples who want to keep things small and intimate
  • keep an open mind that some of your nearest and dearest can’t and wont be able to come for personal/financial/practical reasons. Still love them anyway.
  • Smaller guest lists allow you to have the wedding you want, not what you think you should have
  • getting married abroad is different, exciting, makes for fab photos and usually takes the stress out of the weather debate
  • embrace the theme and get on board with some fabulous travel themed wedding invitations!

If you like our Travel Beach Themed Passport Wedding Invitations featured in this post, find them HERE on our website!

Did you get married abroad? What was the best part of the whole thing for you? Comment below to let us know!

Travel themed wedding invitations