Sweet Nothings Notecards

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Sweet Nothings Notecards


“Noun. Pl. ‘sweet nothings’: endearments addressed to a loved one; inconsequential expressions of affection”

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Show someone special that you are thinking of them with these adorable ‘sweet nothings’….a set of four beautiful cards created especially for you to leave your expression of love wherever you choose!

Each card has been printed with a different sentiment for you to complete in a vintage typewriter style text. The sentiments read:

‘What I love most about you is…’,

‘My favourite part of your body is…….because….’, ‘

My favourite memory of ours is…….’

‘……….always reminds me of you’.

The cards are presented in a beautiful handmade kraft wallet, embellished with vintage lace and sheet music, a satin heart and red ribbon tied in a bow at the side.

Each of the four cards come with their own kraft envelope so you can leave them in different places for your loved one to find…

They are ideal for Valentines Day, a special touch to the wedding night and they also make a lovely gift for a friend as the statements are not just aimed at lovers!

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