But you can’t be ill before your wedding!

Or any other major event come to think of it. You’ve been planning this day since the beginning of time. You cannot be ill before your wedding. Yet the stress of organising such an important day and, of course, the stress in general of every day life, can really push your body to the limit.

Follow the other advice below to give yourself the best possible chance of recovering from a bout of illness that has been imperfectly timed with what’s meant to be the most perfect day of your life!

Don’t Panic

Easier said than done, I know. I was fighting fit until 1 week before Vintage Twee’s big charity night. Then the dreaded scratchy throat reared it’s ugly head. Followed by the hacking cough that choked me every time I opened my mouth to speak. Topped off with a blocked nose that rapidly turned into sinusitis, causing an intense toothache every time I moved my jaw. Obviously the first thing we do by nature is panic. Thoughts of being ill before your wedding is enough to push your stress levels to the maximum. However, try to stay calm. And follow the rest of this advice!

Know your weakness

For me, it almost always starts with my throat. Some people it’s their stomach. Some it’s their head. Or their ears. Wherever is your weak spot, stay one step ahead by making sure you are ready to treat symptoms at the first sign of attack. I made my own First Aid kit when we bought out first house last year and, despite the mockery, it’s saved the day numerous times! Treat your particular weak spot with a bit of extra TLC in the lead up to the event, avoiding all irritants that may make you ill before your wedding.

ill before your wedding

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If there’s any time to STOP being a control freak, it’s now. Call in help from family, friends and partners with whatever you need to get done. Work, last minute event details or even a mountain of ironing – ask for help. An extra pair of hands makes all the difference and you’d be surprised how capable other people actually are…


As clichĂ© as it sounds, sleep is the best medicine. We don’t ever get enough of it. Most of us are stumbling about day to day like an extra from The Walking Dead. Real life is tough. We work, cook, clean, raise children and care for family members to name but a few things that exhaust us daily. Add planning a major event to the list and it’s no wonder you can fall ill before your wedding. So in the lead up to the big event, try and grab sleep when you can. When the kids have gone to bed. When your fiancĂ© is working late or out with the boys. Don’t even rule out the possibility of a disco nap before tea if you can. Listen to your body and what it needs you to do.

ill before your wedding

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Feed yourself the good stuff

Whenever I’m suspicious of a potential illness on the horizon, I up my intake of healthy food. Completely boring and unsatisfying but it will give you the best chance of fighting anything off. Being ill before your wedding is something that we all dread but keep your diet healthy in the run up and your immune system will follow suit. An evening glass of wine can ease the stress of event planning. As can a bit of chocolate – which sometimes offers the only solace to a truly crap day. But just have the one glass and try and munch on a fun sized bar of chocolate instead of a family sized one…

ill before wedding

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Home Remedies

I am the first one to start googling symptoms whenever I get ill. And it can be terrifying. So instead of stressing yourself out more, google something positive instead. I discovered a host of home remedies that have speeded up my recovery when I haven’t had the energy to get to the chemist. I don’t believe in spending money on cough syrups and sugar laden lozenges. Mix up hot water with lemon and honey to ease sore throats, gargle with warm salt water to ward off infections and do a steam inhalation to relieve cold symptoms. I had my head over a bowl of menthal crystals 4 times a day in order to be able to breathe on our charity event. They work and will help you with any symptoms you may have if you are showing signs of being ill before your wedding!

Invest in a tonic

Not a gin and tonic. A health tonic.Though admittedly the gin and tonic may taste much better. I’m not a believer in taking loads of vitamins and think it’s best to eat right instead of taking a pill if you can. However, my mum always made me drink a capful of Floradix every day in the run up to any stressful events in my life – exams, new jobs, moving house etc. It’s a liquid iron formula that tastes absolutely foul but seems to do the trick. Consider a health tonic for a pick me up if you are starting to feel you may be ill before your wedding.


Slow down

I’m the number one culprit for running around like a headless chicken. I find things to do even when there’s absolutely nothing to do. I just like being busy. But it eventually catches up with you and you can only spin so many plates before some start to fall. You really don’t want to risk being ill before your wedding. Cut back on physically demanding tasks that can wait. Going to the gym, unnecessary house chores, overtime at work, nights out – they all take their toll on your body. Give yourself the best possible chance of fighting off any illness by being sensible. And on that note:

Listen to your mother!

The annoying fact is – most of the time – they are always right. My mum would always tell me ‘you’re burning the candle at both ends’ and ‘you’re not drinking enough water to flush everything out’. Of course, as a teenager I would roll my eyes and then become ill from doing neither of the above. But since hitting my 30’s, I’ve started to realise that actually mum knew exactly what she was talking about. She wasn’t fussing, being melodramatic or trying to interfere with my life. She was doing what mothers are put on this earth to do – look after their children. I really miss that level care that you only get from your mum. I often hear her voice in my head, telling me to ‘stop working now, you’ve done enough’ or ‘have a cup of tea and rest’. Treasure their advice and listen to them – they are our angels in disguise.

Me and my mum - who always, always knew what was best for me. xxx

Me and my mum – who always, always knew what was best for me. xxx

Be realistic

So it’s a week before your wedding and you are starting to feel ropey. Weigh up the possibility of it getting worse and book in to see the doctor if you need to. We are always too busy to find time to book doctors and dentist appointments. Often things can be nipped in the bud at onset with a bit of attention. I gave in to the raging toothache and pain behind my eyes 3 days before our big charity event and went to my doctors. Luckily the antibiotics kicked in within 48 hours to get me through but if I hadn’t have gone when I did, I may not have made the evening. Be realistic and give yourself enough time to recover with medical help if needed.

And finally, if worst comes to worst, you’ll be surrounded by your closest friends and family to help you through the day. In the words of Chavela Vargas: “You’re gonna be happy” said life, “but first, I’ll make you strong”.